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Five great readings, the ca Interpretations of large readings were conceived and rearranged according to old manuscripts and patterns, with the addition of place and score indicators, highlighting of the beginner's speech, division into sections, punctuation, opening of initials and abbreviations, and other good and important virtues. And these are the first and last names: Rashi [with the annotation 'the new lips of the sages'], Rashbam, Ibn Ezra [with the annotation 'Abi Ezer'], Ramban, Da'at Zakan, Hizkoni, Baal Torim, Sephorno, a precious tool, Or Ha'im, Toldot Aharon. And since there is no Beit Midrash without innovation, this edition is blessed with the appearance of an extensive commentary on Yonatan's translation, with the help of which one can understand and be educated in his interpretations of the Bibles and his sermons, which is sometimes folded into its short words from entire midrash, and also sometimes uses phrases that are not familiar and understandable. In addition, an integrated and unique commentary On the Haftras, plus background and introduction to each Haftar, and wise comments.
At the end of the Pentateuch, the following were printed: Rashi's Likoti, the Rashi's Commentary, the Long Tor Commentary, and the Rabbino Ha'i's Commentary on Derech HaPasht. Also printed were the verses of the mitzvot for the teacher of education and the book of mitzvot Hashem, which deal with the number of 13 mitzvot and their meanings. At the beginning of the book there is an extensive introduction to the biblical commentators, the history of the authors, the editions of the books, and our methods of editing them. A wide sheet bearing the name 'Read and Translated' was also spread out and discussed the subject of translations and the Aramaic language in general and the Unclus translation in particular, its acceptance from Sinai, its formulas and traditions, its ways and method, its interpretations, the custom of the translator and the rule of reading the Torah two times from one reading and one translation.

Chumash Mikraos Gedolos

  • Chumash Mikraos Gedolos





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