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Chumash Mikraos Gedolos - Extanded Edition

Five large readings "expanded edition" - 7 volumes

'Great readings' in an expanded and rich edition, where all the commentaries [including Yonatan's commentary] were thoroughly conceived according to old manuscripts and patterns, and necessary additions were added from our first and last Rabbis, with important compilations. The edition includes all the virtues of the regular edition, plus interpretations from Midrash of the Rishonim as well as other reference sections, to illuminate the study and enrich the parsha.

In the expanded edition, well-known Rishonim commentaries, such as: Bekor Shur, Panach Reza, Hadar Zakan and Moshav Zakan, were collected. As well as compiling the sections of the Hasht from Rabin in my life, as well as edited according to the Rash, and the interpretation of the long column, another method of Ibn Ezra for some passages in Genesis, and his short interpretation of the Book of Exodus, Radak on Genesis including the part "Act of Genesis" in the hidden path. As an appendix on the matters of the Mishkan work, the book of Shemot "Bereita DeMalakat Mishkan" was printed with the comments of the Gaon Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky shlita, and new additions were printed in it. In a special section the articles of the Sages were collected and divided into Talmud collections, Midrash collections and Zohar collections. And the section "The complete history of Aharon" - scores for all the books of the Sages.

All of these were arranged and brought to print in the best tradition of the books of the Kingdom of the Torah - Oz and Splendor, in a magnificent edition and with perfect pagination, in a way that makes learning enjoyable and improves understanding.

Chumash Mikraos Gedolos - Extanded Edition

  • Chumash Mikraos Gedolos - Extanded Edition

    10 inches
    2015 (5th Edition)

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