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100 Rabbinical Tales of Courage & Inspiration

Stories of our Torah leaders who survived and inspired while under the adverse conditions of Arab/Muslim aggression

Heroes of Courage follows Heroes of Spirit and Heroes of Faith in the popular Heroes series, written by Rabbi Dovid Hoffman. The stories in these books illustrate the indestructible spirit and determination of the Jewish people, who refuse to abandon their beliefs even in the most desperate situations. For we believe that every crisis and calamity that we face is designed to help us grow and to teach us precious and pertinent life-lessons.

While the other books focus on Jewish heroism during the Holocaust, Heroes of Courage zeroes in on the incredible courage of the Jewish people in the face of the Israeli/Arab conflict, a struggle that has caused us unimaginable pain and suffering for thousands of years.

Throughout the generations, Yishmael has been a thorn in our side, constantly trying to one-up us, to destroy us, to defeat and extinguish our fire.

It happened in the days of the Rambam, when the Sultan's evil ministers plotted against him. It happened during Israel’s War of Independence, during the Yom Kippur War, the Six Day War, the Gulf War… And it happens again and again in our days, each time there is another terror attack in Eretz Yisrael, Rachmana litzlan.

Yet the Yid refuses to be cowed. Our way is not to fight back simply with weapons but with our tefillos and our emunah and bitachon - our unwavering Jewish courage.

Heroes of Courage is replete with stories on this theme.

Read about the prophetic wisdom of the Baba Sali, who made the Israeli Prime Minister delay "Operation Opera" so that the IDF could have the power of Torah on their side.

Be inspired by Rav Shteinman's insistence on shemiras Shabbos in order to give his brachahfor a certain battle.

Be moved by Rav Chaim Kanievsky's comforting words to the bereaved parents of a slain soldier.

Be proud to be a member of such a special nation as Klal Yisrael!

By Rabbi Dovid Hoffman

Heroes of Courage

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  • Heroes of Courage

    SKU: LA379

    Author: Rabbi Dovid Hoffman

    Dimensions: 6"x 9"

    Format: Hardcover

    ISBN: 979-8-88673-124-8

    Length: 324

    Media: Book

    Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications

    Release Date: September 2023

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