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A book that analyzes the nature of the God of the Torah and the importance of understanding the Name of God. This work is based on the investigations that Mario Sabán has carried out on the secrets that Jewish theology concealed, displacing the divine anthropomorphisms of the God of Merkaba to the figure of the Messiah. In this book he explains how the contradiction between the Finite God and the Infinite God was born, and how the messianic theme has been used to hide divine anthropomorphisms, thus displacing the God of Merkaba. This theological research is a comprehensive review of the foundations of Judaism and will undoubtedly open up a long debate. It reveals the 18 amendments of the Scribes of the Great Jewish Assembly that censored the biblical text because they deliberately concealed the anthropomorphism of God. Dr. Mario Sabán's research clearly differentiates the message of the God of Israel from the messenger. Format: 15x22 cm No. of pages: 352

La Merkabá: The Mystery of the Name of God

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