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A new translation of Tehillim, designed to help us find ourselves in the Psalms and say them with understanding and feeling. In a unique interlinear presentation, the Hebrew text is joined with a flowing, modern English translation to which we can all connect.

Psalms That Speak to You, Pocket

SKU: 7688
  • Psalms That Speak to You, Pocket

    A Meaningful Interlinear Translation for Our Generation

    By: Yitzchok Leib Bell

    More Information
    Dimensions    4.33X6.10
    ISBN    9781944731182
    Author    Yitzchok Leib Bell
    Publisher    Distribute By Feldheim
    Number of pages    839
    Item #    7688
    Binding type    Paperback
    Weight    1.000000 lbs.

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