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Student Size: Ramban Complete 7 Volume Slipcased Set

For Travelers, Students, and People on the Go:
The Popular Size Ramban
Timeless Wisdom, in an easy-to-carry format

ArtScroll's widely-hailed translation and elucidation of Ramban, that brought the brilliance and wisdom of this essential but difficult Torah commentary to the English-speaking public, is now available in a portable format.

Lighter and smaller in size than the original Full Size edition Ramban, the Popular Size Ramban is perfect for taking to shul, for commuting or air travel, and for students. Available in separate volumes, or in one complete 7-volume slipcased set.

Like the classic Ramban, the Popular Size Ramban includes:

  • Newly typeset text of the Torah text and translation
  • Newly typeset Hebrew Rashi and Targum Onkelos text
  • Newly typeset Ramban in Hebrew, complete with nikud, punctuation, paragraph breaks, and footnote references for ease of use.
  • Phrase-by-phrase translation of Ramban's non-kabbalistic commentary with added elucidation for smooth reading and clear understanding
  • Introductory notes to set the stage for the commentary
  • Thousands of explanatory footnotes

Student Size: Ramban Complete 7 Volume Slipcased Set

$214.99 Regular Price
$189.19Sale Price
  • Student Size: Ramban Complete 7 Volume Slipcased Set

    The Torah with Ramban's commentary translated, annotated, and elucidated

    ISBN-10 : 1422610500

    ISBN # : 9781422610503

    Format : Slipcased Set

    Dimensions : 5.5 x 8.5 inches

    Weight: 13.4 LBS

    Release Date : 10/29/2010

    Size : Student Size
    Color: Blue
    Language: Hebrew/English

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