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Now, you will be able to master this essential commentary to the Torah -

thanks to the new ArtScroll Edition of Ramban

Newly typeset text of the Torah text and translation 
Newly typeset Hebrew Rashi and Targum Onkelos text 
Newly typeset Ramban in Hebrew, complete with nikud, punctuation,

paragraph breaks, and footnote references for ease of use. 
Phrase-by-phrase translation of Ramban's non-kabbalistic commentary with

added elucidation for smooth reading and clear understanding.
Introductory notes to set the stage for the commentary 
Thousands of explanatory footnotes

Ramban (Nachmanides) Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman, who lived in

13th-century Spain, was one of the greatest minds in an epoch of great men. He was a leader, a thinker, a Torah and Talmud commentator, a halachic

decisor, a successful defender of Judaism against the Church and its Jewish apostates. At the age of 70 he was exiled from his native Aragon, and during

the next three years, he wrote the monumental Chumash commentary that

has stood the test of over six centuries.


Unexcelled in depth, breadth, scope, and profundity, Ramban's

comprehensive commentary is exceedingly brilliant, exceedingly seminal - and exceedingly complex. Few are those who have mastered this masterpiece.

Now, thanks to a superb group of exceptional scholars, writers, and editors,

Ramban's Chumash commentary is coming alive in English for everyone.

Following the renowned pattern of the magnificent Schottenstein Edition of

the Talmud and the Sapirstein Edition of Rashi, this classic commentary is

presented with unprecedented clarity.

No effort has been spared to make this new Chumash clear, accurate, and

"user-friendly". In short, this treatment of Chumash-Ramban will be the last

word for generations to come. When completed, it will be seven volumes of


This historic project will be a momentous breakthrough in Torah literature.

Enjoy the richness of Ramban's commentary and see your understanding of

the Torah grow as you never imagined it could.


Ramban - Complete 7 Volume Set - The Graff-Rand Popular Size Edition

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