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The entire Torah (Five Books of Moses) is now available in this new and thorough Spanish translation. Complete in one volume, each Hebrew page faces the corresponding Spanish text, to provide for a flowing reading experience. 

Included in this work is:

  • Authentic and Easy-to-Read Translation of the Torah Based on the Commentaries of Rashi, Talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and other Traditional Sources.
  • Translation and Commentary of the Haftarot (according to Chabad Custom).
  • Extensive Maps, Illustrations, and Diagrams.
  • Charts with Measurement Equivalencies.
  • Annotations, Commentaries, and Bibliography.

Also Features:

  • An Appendix with the 39 Categories of Work Forbidden on Shabbat.
  • An Index with Major Events and Topics Found in the Torah.
  • An Appendix with the Chronology of Mankind

Torat Emet - Chumash with Spanish Translation חומש -תורת אמת

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