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Hamsha Humshi Torah pocket edition in imitation leather binding with siddur - Sephardic style

Five Torah Pentacles in the well-known edition of the 'Kingdom of the Torah - Oz and Splendor' The Torah, its flavors and interpretations are elaborated with great grammar, and edited in a beautiful and enlightening script, with the addition of explained patras. And with a siddur for Shabbat in the Spanish style.

The Pentateuch in a 'pocket' edition with a luxurious cover, an especially convenient size for carrying and studying on the go. 5 volumes, in a fancy box.

Chumash Kis with Siddur Shabbos - Sefard

  • Chumash Kis with Siddur Shabbos - Sefard




    5.5 inches


    Leatherette Soft

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