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Archaeology Discovers The Hebrew Bible 

Volume 1
From Noah and the Flood Until the Israelite Exodus from Egypt

The historical events related in the Hebrew Bible have fascinated both laymen and archaeologists for centuries. No other book has served as the basis of such a large number of archaeological studies and discoveries, and no other region in the world has been as thoroughly researched as those mentioned in the Book of Books.

In this fascinating and beautifully laid out volume, numerous archaeological discoveries are presented, which shed powerful light on the truths of the Hebrew Bible and the birth of civilization in the ancient Middle East. Quotes are cited from leading archaeologists, who affirm the scientific validity of archaeological findings that support the truth and  exactitude  of the Hebrew Bible's testimony, down to the smallest details.

Meticulously written and researched, the volume is enriched with countless stunning and rare historical photographs. In it, the reader is taken on the journey of the Jewish people, from one stormy historical period to another. As fascinating revelations emerge from beneath the sands of time, we learn of the rise and fall of powerful Middle Eastern empires, who ascended momentarily only to vanish into oblivion-and of the Jewish people, who rose from these ruins to continue on their historic mission.

Rabbi Zamir Cohen
The founder and director of the Hidabroot outreach organization, Rabbi Cohen is the author of numerous books, including the four-volume bestseller series The Coming Revolution, on the convergence of science and Torah, a book of Jewish legal responsa, commentaries on the books of the Tanach, and books on Jewish philosophy and mysticism. Rabbi Cohen is also the dean of a yeshiva and the president of the B'Noam organization in Israel.

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

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  • Hidden Treasures

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