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Elevate your Shabbat or Yom Tov table with the exquisite Panorama Jerusalem Raw Silk Appliqued Challa Cover. Perfect as a gift for any Jewish occasion!

This beautiful artwork by Yair Emanuel will add a touch of color and delight to your Sabbath or Yom Tov table. The Challa cover is made of raw silk appliquéd and attached with embroidery. 
This Challa cover is decorated with a striking multicolored panoramic view of Jerusalem, with the embroidered words "Shabbat Ve Yom Tov" (Shabbat and Holiday) in Hebrew. 
This challa cover is the perfect gift to give for any Jewish holiday, from Chanukkah to Pesach, as well as to a newly married couple as a wedding gift or for any other important occasion.
Size: 20in x 16in

Panorama Jerusalem Raw Silk Appliqued Challa Cover

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