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Raising Kids to Love Being Jewish (Paperback)

Jewish Parents - Your toughest job just got a whole lot easier! You want kids who feel great about themselves AND love being Jewish. You want them to be happy AND excited about Jewish activities. You want them to be outgoing AND enthusiastic about Judaism. And frankly, you're not quite sure how to make this all happen. In this easy-to-read guide, Doron Kornbluth, a highly successful Jewish Family coach and one of the most sought-after speakers and educators on the Jewish scene today, presents clear principles, easy-to-implement strategies and practical tips that will help you raise children (and grandchildren) who embrace their identity, value being knowledgeable young Jews and genuinely love being Jewish.

Raising Kids to Love Being Jewish (Paperback)

SKU: 6036
  • Raising Kids to Love Being Jewish (Paperback)

    By: Doron Kornbluth

    Dimensions    6 x 9
    ISBN    9781602040168
    Author    Doron Kornbluth
    Publisher    Distributed by Feldheim
    Number of pages    189
    Item #    6036
    Binding type    Paperback
    Weight    0.730000 lbs.

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