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Rav Yaakov Bender on Chumash vol. 2 (Vol. 2)

Rabbi Yaakov Bender: Klal Yisrael’s Teacher!

Rabbi Yaakov Bender has taught tens of thousands of Jews: His many talmidim, the teachers he has counseled and guided, the parents he has advised and, of course, the many thousands of readers of his sefarim. He has taught them all about ahavas Hashem, ahavas HaTorah, ahavas Yisrael and, yes, how to love themselves as well.

In this second volume of Rabbi Yaakov Bender on the Chumash, this distinguished Rosh Yeshivah once again explores many of the Chumash’s timely and contemporary messages of strength, hope and chizuk. He begins with an insight on the parashah, and then shows us how the eternal and holy words of the Chumash are so relevant to us. He gently helps us find our own strengths and reach ever higher.

And he tells stories. So many stories! Rabbi Bender shares personal memories of his illustrious family. He brings us rare and often unknown stories about the gedolim we know and revere. There are “everyday gedolim” as well -- people like you and me, men and women who take achrayus, courageously face what life brings them, and often achieve greatness. And, of course, he draws inspiring life lessons from the talmidim who are so central to his life.

The first volume of Rabbi Yaakov Bender on the Chumash has become a welcome guest at so many Shabbos tables. Now, in Volume 2, we can share even more of Rabbi Bender’s warmth, passion, and love for the Klal with our families, enhancing both our Shabbos and our lives.

Rav Yaakov Bender on Chumash vol. 2 (Vol. 2)

$29.99 Regular Price
$28.49Sale Price
  • Rav Yaakov Bender on Chumash vol. 2 (Vol. 2)

    By Rabbi Yaakov Bender (Author)

    ISBN-10 : 1422632806

    ISBN # : 9781422632802

    Format : Hardcover

    Pages : 300

    Dimensions : 6 x 9 x 1.126 inches

    Weight: 1.5 LBS

    Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

    Release Date : 01/16/2023

    Size : Standard
    Language: English

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