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Why is this Haggadah different from other Haggadahs?

The Fifth Question Haggadah is a unique Haggadah that is full of fascinating explanations — and even more captivating questions. Rabbi Gross helps readers turn their Seder into an enjoyable, lively, and inspirational experience for all ages and backgrounds.

About the Author:

Rabbi Judah Gross is a student of Rabbi Berel Wein, shlita, and Rav Aryeh Rottman, zt”l. He received semichah from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, kabalah in shechitah from Rav Dovid Benzion Klein, and learned milah and safrus under Harav Yehuda Giat. He is the author of the popular A Deeper Dimension (Mosaica Press, 2017) on the parashiyos.

The Fifth Question Haggadah

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  • The Fifth Question Haggadah

    By: Rabbi Judah Gross

    Dimensions    6x9
    ISBN    9781946351630
    Author    Rabbi Judah Gross
    Publisher    Mosaica Press
    Number of pages    143
    Item #    7776
    Binding type    Hard Cover
    Weight    0.937000 lbs.

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