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The essence of a home is evident in the story of a young refugee child who was standing with her parents in the train station, surrounded by an assortment of trunks, boxes and bags, when a man approached her and said with great compassion, “You poor, dear child, wandering from place to place with no home to call your own.” The child looked at the man in puzzlement and responded, “Sir, you are mistaken. I do have a home—I just don’t have a house in which to put it.”

To build a happy Torah home is not a simple task, but it is the most important thing most of us can ever do. Are our homes Torah-dik? Are they happy? It seems that, despite the tremendous growth of technology and the economy, there is less happiness in the West than there used to be. The future of happiness is in doubt. The future of our homes does not seem secure. In this unique, entertaining, and powerful volume, we will discover how to bring happiness to our homes – and ourselves.


The Future Of Happiness by: Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

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