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In her clear and kind voice, known to so many through her Inner Torah books and workshops, and her private work with individuals and couples around the world, Rebbetzin Miriam Millhauser Castle now makes available a step-by-step program to help you master the skills you need to live a truly whole and holy life in service of Hashem. These are skills that will serve you for a lifetime IY”H.


The Workbook was previously available only to participants in the acclaimed Inner Torah International Teleconference Workshops. Now revised, and for the first time made generally available, the Workbook offers you entry into your remarkable inner world where you’ll find the keys you need to handle life’s challenges in an inspired and Torahdik way, and grow into the unique person Hashem created you to be. You’ll be transformed in the process and able to understand and appreciate your life story on an entirely new level IY”H.

The Inner Torah Workbook

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