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A classic in its own time... The original Stone edition of the Chumash has become the most widely used Chumash in the world by far. Now it is available in an excellent Spanish translation. Newly reset, in one beautiful volume with a new, contemporary Spanish translation of the Torah, faithful to Rashi and the classic Rabbinic commentators, and an anthologized commentary adapted by an International team of scholars. This commentary draws on the spectrum of Biblical commentaries, from the Talmud, Midrash, and the classic Rabbinic commentators, and includes insights of contemporary greats. Also includes: Hebrew/Aramaic texts of Rashi and Onkelos, newly set according to the most accurate versions.

  • Haftarot with new translation, and introductory comments introducing the Haftarah and relating it to the Torah reading.
  • The Five Megillot with translation and commentary.
  • Comprehensive index.
  • Lightweight, opaque, acid-free paper for decades of quality use.
  • Special section for your own genealogy and family milestones.
  • Ultra-reinforced binding, using the most durable materials.
  • Elegantly gilded page heads.
  • Ribbon place-marker.

The Chumash of choice for synagogue and home!


The Rabbi Sion Levy Edition of the Chumash in Spanish (Full Size)

$59.99 Regular Price
$52.79Sale Price
  • The Rabbi Sion Levy Edition of the Chumash in Spanish (Full Size)

    The Torah, Haftarot, and Five Megillot with a commentary from Rabbinic writings

    By Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Author) Rabbi Yosef Mendoza (Translator)

    ISBN-10 : 1422615332

    ISBN # : 9781422615331

    Format : Hardcover

    Pages : 1424

    Dimensions : 8 x 9.5 x 1.736 inches

    Weight: 3.8 LBS

    Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

    Release Date : 11/19/2014

    Size : Standard
    Color: Blue
    Language: Hebrew/Spanish

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