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The complete guide to creating a customized weight-loss plan that works for you


How did this happen? You stare in the mirror after a long day. You are a put-together, capable woman juggling many life tasks. But somehow, your weight has been creeping up. And up. You've tried dieting and it just isn't working.


If only there was a way to change it. A way to start again.


Fortunately, you can lose weight sensibly and steadily without feeling hungry or deprived. Leah Wolofsky, MS, CDN, has helped hundreds of Jewish women control their unwanted eating behaviors and achieve the results they’ve dreamed about. And she’s looking forward to sharing her techniques with you.


In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about nutrition and weight loss. You’ll plan your best diet ever, better than any you’ve tried, because it’ll be customized for you.


You’ll discover how to manage real-life events: Shabbosos, yamim tovim, fast days, weddings, and vacations. How to eat out at restaurants. How to shop smarter.

A Brand New You

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