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Inspiring Stories and Biographies of Sephardi Hachamim

A fantastic new book for both Sephardim and Ashkenazim!  Biographies and inspiring stories of twenty-five famous rabbis spanning three-hundred years and the broad spectrum of Sephardic heritage: Egyptian, Moroccan, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemenite, and more!  For both adults and youngsters.  A first of its kind!

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By Yehuda Azoulay

A Legacy of Leaders

SKU: L384
$26.99 Regular Price
$23.75Sale Price
  • A Legacy of Leaders

    SKU: L384

    Author: Yehuda Azoulay

    Dimensions: 6" X 9"

    Format: Hardcover

    ISBN: 978-1-60091-048-7

    Length: 384

    Media: Book

    Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications

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