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Beis Halevi on Bitachon - Spanish Edition


The Beis HaLevi, Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik, is revered as the founder of the Brisker dynasty, Rosh Yeshivah of “the mother of yeshivahs” - Yeshivas Volozhin -- and author of the classics Beis HaLevi Responsa and Beis HaLevi al HaTorah.

Among his writings is a brilliant essay on bitachon, trust in Hashem. It was not published during his lifetime, and remained in manuscript form with family members for close to a century, before it was made available to the public by his great-grandchildren.

Now, at last, English-speaking readers can access the treasures of faith and trust that were hidden away for so many years. The Beis HaLevi on Bitachon includes the entire original text; a flowing, elucidated translation; a wide-ranging commentary that explores the many facets of emunah and bitachon, drawing upon the works of dozens of Torah sages; and an Overview by Rabbi Nosson Scherman. “Insights” appear throughout the book, bringing a contemporary focus to bitachon, and fundamental topics are dealt with more in depth in the appendix section.

The Maharal discussed the importance of reciting pesukim about bitachon every day. This volume includes a special section with such pesukim compiled by Rav Zundel of Salant, together with a prayer for strengthening our bitachon.

The Beis HaLevi on Bitachon gives us clear answers to many of life’s most important questions. What is the proper balance between hishtadlus, effort, and bitachon, trust? How should a person react in times of trouble? Why does fear have no place in a Jew’s life? What are the many benefits of bitachon -- in this world and the next?

The Beis HaLevi on Bitachon is the hidden treasure -- finally revealed! -- which will bring us to the faith and trust so vital to our lives.

Beis Halevi on Bitachon - Spanish Edition

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  • Beis Halevi on Bitachon - Spanish Edition

    The Classic essay of HaGoan Rabbi Yosef Dov Soloveitchik of Brisk

    By Rabbi David Sutton (Author)

    ISBN-10 : 1422639711

    ISBN # : 9781422639719

    Format : Hardcover

    Pages : 212

    Dimensions : 6 x 9 inches

    Weight: 1.2 LBS

    Published By : ArtScroll / Mesorah

    Release Date : 11/22/2023

    Size : Standard
    Language: Hebrew/English

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