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BUG CHECKER MAX PRO is IPX6 water resistant by US standards. Now you can safely, efficiently and comfortably ensure your vegetables are bug free from the convenience of your home using the BUG CHECKER  MAX PRO with wet cheesecloths and thrip cloths with US IPX6 water resistance.

Bug Checker MAX PRO

SKU: bcmp
  • The Bug Checker MAX PRO makes it easy to check a variety of fresh produce such as lettuces, herbs and other leafy vegetables and now it is water resistant  IPX6 by US standards. Now you can go back to the produce section of your local grocer and benefit from all the wonderful flavors and nutrients that only fresh veggies can offer.

    Light Area Dimension:
    Width: 12″/30.5 cm
    Length: 9″ / 22.80 cm

    • Bright, even light to check produce properly
    • Slim profile for easy storage
    • Includes universal power adapter (100-240V)
    • Can be used internationally with plug-adapter (not included)
    • LED lights rated for up to 13,000 hours
    • IPX-6 rated for water safety to use with thrip cloths/cheese cloths
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