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Chumash Mikra Meforash


Hamsha Humshi Torah - Annotated Bible 5 volumes Chomsa 'Makara Meforesh' is a unique edition of 'Uz Vahadar', with a wonderful commentary on the Bibles and Rashi's interpretation. The commentary is integrated within the verse boxes, and explains the verses in a simplified way, plus notes and notes, which are necessary for a good and clear understanding. Added to it is a commentary according to Rashi, and it is also integrated within his words, with notes and sources. The edition is accompanied by illustrations, photos and illustrations, which are useful for understanding the verses and their meaning. All of these were arranged in 5 volumes in a magnificent edition and with perfect pagination, in the best tradition of the books of the 'Kingdom of the Torah - Oz and Splendor'.

Chumash Mikra Meforash

  • Chumash Mikra Meforash




    10 inches





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