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Chumash Mikra Meforash - Pocket Edition


Hamsha Humshi Torah Mekara Mefaresh - booklets

  • Five pentacles of Torah with many virtues for the sake of those who study it.
  • Commentary on the Bible: an integrated commentary on the Torah, with scores and comments, with sources for the various reflections, additional methods and tastes, solving difficulties, and any other explanation that may be useful to the broad-minded learner, the subjects of the Parsha, introductions and explanations for each new topic.
  • Rashi's Commentary: An explanatory commentary to the late Rashi's commentary, with titles, with scores and notes, the sources of the interpretations brought in the combined Rashi's commentary, and more.
  • Annotation of the Haftar: A combined explanation of the Haftar with introductions, scores and comments.
  • In a small format in individual volumes for each chapter on its own.

Chumash Mikra Meforash - Pocket Edition

  • Chumash Mikra Meforash - Pocket Edition




    6.6 inches



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