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Chumash Mikraos Gedolos Hamevuar


Five Torah Pentacles are great readings explained The explained 'great readings', with a comprehensive and unique commentary on each of the Torah commentators, will be explained to every learner in a clear and pleasant language. This unique edition was compiled with great effort over many years, and for the first time the Torah commentaries were arranged, re-edited, meticulously proofread, with many additions, and in most cases magnificence.

Among the sections of the book are: the commentaries on the translations (Onclus, Yerushalmi, Yonatan) and the commentaries on the commentaries: Rashbam, Ibn Ezra, Ramban, Da'at Zakanim, Ba'al Torim, Sphorno, Or Chaim. And more sections of compilations and notes, formula changes and important grades, which enhance the study and are useful for a good understanding. In this new edition, all the interpretations of the Torah have been thoroughly thought out, and compared according to manuscripts and early patterns. Hundreds of errors and disruptions have been fixed, and thousands of place mirrors and scores have been added. In addition, a great deal of effort was also put into the comfort of the student in all parts of the book, with necessary emphasis, opening of initials and abbreviations, dividing sections and adding punctuation and punctuation. All of these were arranged in a magnificent and perfect edition as is the well-known tradition of all 'Oz and Splendor' books.

Chumash Mikraos Gedolos Hamevuar

  • Chumash Mikraos Gedolos Hamevuar




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