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Hamsha Humshi Torah clear language - 5 volumes

  • Five pentacles of Torah with many virtues for the sake of those who study it.
  • Commentary on the Bible: an integrated commentary on the Torah, with notes and notes, titles and introductions.
  • Rashi's Commentary: A combined commentary to the late Rashi's commentary, with titles, scores and notes.
  • Beor Uncles. Uncles translation in the holy language box under the box.
  • Commentary on the haftara: a combined commentary on the haftara that gives paths to the Bible.
  • Subjects of the case. List of the subjects of the chapter in the order of the readings.
  • The contents of the book, the table of contents of the book detailing the topics of the chapters and the like.
  • Three thousand mitzvot from the number of mitzvot in each parsha.
  • The majesty and splendor, colorful paintings to illustrate the study.

Chumash Safa Berura

  • Chumash Safa Berura




    10 inches





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