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Escape from Egypt

Escape from Egypt with Avi, and relive the Pesach adventure!

Who would ever believe that Avi Friedman, the kid that least liked to work, would find himself scrubbing Pharaoh's bathhouse? 

Join us for Avi's awesome journey back in time, to a world ruled by merciless Egyptian taskmasters. Follow his adventures, as he finds his family enslaved and becomes a worker in Pharaoh's palace. Watch the redemption unfold, as Moshe appears to rescue Bnei Yisrael with ten amazing plagues. Witness the splitting of the Red Sea first hand, together with Avi and his family. 


This fanciful, beautifully illustrated comic book is based on the teachings of Chazal and authentic Torah commentaries, portraying in vivid color the dark depths of slavery and the joyous heights of freedom. 


By: Eliezer Hameiri

Escape from Egypt

SKU: C365
$20.99 Regular Price
$18.47Sale Price
  • Escape from Egypt

    SKU: C365

    Author: Eliezer Hameiri

    Dimensions: 9" X 12"

    Format: Hardcover

    Illustrator: Shiri Cohen

    Length: 56

    Media: Book

    Publisher: Tiferet Publications

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