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Hospitals and Refuah


A Complete Halachic Guide for Patients, Visitors, Caregivers and Expectant Mothers

It is not an exaggeration to say that the halachic sheilos that come up in a hospital setting number in the thousands. And the sheilos are as varied as they are numerous.

There are the many Shabbos concerns: how to call a nurse on Shabbos, adjust an electric bed, walk through automatic doors, use elevators and lights, etc. There are the hilchos tefillah considerations: when and how one may daven in a hospital room. There are the complicated halachos of a yoledes; issues of bishul akum; end-of-life situations; and so many other areas of halachah that are affected, for both patients and visitors in the hospital.

This sefer addresses all of these halachos, offering clarity and practical suggestions for those who find themselves in a medical situation.

Rabbi Moshe Rotberg is a leading expert on medical emergency and end-of-life halachos. He has authored numerous sefarim on the topic, in addition to giving halachah shiurim to Hatzolah organizations around the country and being rav of a kehillah. In this comprehensive book, he takes the reader through the many sheilos—both common and uncommon—that a hospital setting may bring on. 

Hospitals and Refuah

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  • SKU: LA436

    Author: Rabbi Moshe Rotberg

    Dimensions: 6" X 9"

    Format: Hardcover

    ISBN: 979-8-88673-195-8

    Length: 468

    Media: Book

    Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications

    Release Date: June 2024

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