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An indispensable resource of practical halachah

Countless halachic questions may easily arise while in the company of a patient in a hospital or other health care facility, and this applies to visitors as well as caregivers. Hospitals in Halacha is a clear, concise, yet comprehensive guide that addresses a wide array of such concerns in a practical, easy-to-read Question & Answer format.

Based on the rulings of leading Poskim, all reviewed by HaRav Y.E. Forschheimer, Shlit'a; with extensive Hebrew footnotes to facilitate further study.

Hospitals in Halacha

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  • Hospitals in Halacha
    Dimensions    6X9
    ISBN    9781680251661
    Author    Rabbi Zvi Schachner
    Publisher    Distributed by Feldheim
    Number of pages    156
    Item #    8066
    Binding type    Hard Cover
    Weight    1.025000 lbs.

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