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A farmer, a lawsuit, a shekel coin ... and an amazing story of emunas chachamim.
Could he really make a person become a baal teshuvah ... in the space of two minutes?
A nasty airline agent, a messed-up flight – and a mother’s tears. Yes, the impossible sometimes happens.

There are some people who can’t live “same old, same old” lives. People not satisfied with mediocrity, who seek growth and are not afraid of challenge.

People who want to “live higher.”

Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky knows all about those kind of people, and he knows the stories they tell. He’ll tell you about the barber who brought an angry young man back to Torah observance – with a shaver. The terror victim, still suffering from his wounds, limping towards the shul’s menorah to light a candle of defiance and faith. Stories of hashgachah, emunah, and transcendence. Stories that show how people can live higher. Stories that inspire us to live higher as well.

Living Higher

$29.99 Regular Price
$23.99Sale Price
  • Living Higher

    Stories That Inspire Your Heart and Elevate Your Soul

    By Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky (Author)

    ISBN-10 : 1422639231

    ISBN # : 9781422639238

    Format : Hardcover

    Pages : 284

    Dimensions : 6 x 9 inches

    Weight: 1.5 LBS

    Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

    Release Date : 09/05/2023

    Size : Standard
    Language: English

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