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By Maimonides. This volume mentions the many blessings recited, which are the activating mechanism to the mitzvot. The spiritual intent of these mitzvot becomes manifest through their actual performance, and deed is impossible without study. In these halachot, Rambam sets out to provide us with a practical guide to the performance of these mitzvot. The text provides the reader with an opportunity to comprehend the halachic foundation of these mitzvot. Hilchot Milah describes circumcision. Also included in this text is the Rambam's Order of Prayers for the Entire Year, a complete compendium of the texts of our prayers according to the Rambam's conception. This volume, a continuation of the Mishneh Torah series, presents a vowelized Hebrew text, a facing translation, and a concentrated, but inclusive commentary.


Mishneh Torah Volume 8 Hilchot Brochos & Milah

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