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Rabbi Dovid Kaplan has done it again!

My Wife, My Queen is a priceless book to help every marriage become the best it can be.

Based on the understanding that the husband’s attitude toward his wife is the key to a successful marriage, Rabbi Kaplan has written this book — with no-holds-barred — to share his wealth of experience on how to strengthen a marriage.

In his inimitable and humorous style, Rabbi Kaplan guides husbands through everyday scenarios and helps them realize how easy it is to treat their wife like a queen — just like she deserves!

My Wife, My Queen

SKU: 7796
  • My Wife, My Queen

    A No-Holds-Barred Shalom Bayis Book for Men

    By: Dovid Kaplan

    Dimensions    5x7
    ISBN    9781988022482
    Author    Dovid Kaplan
    Publisher    Adir Press
    Number of pages    96
    Item #    7796
    Binding type    Hard Cover
    Weight    0.444000 lbs.

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