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Psalms That Speak to You

The Book of Tehillim is a very precious gift given to us by King David. Written with profound spiritual insight, the Psalms bring G-d’s presence into our lives – into our hopes and dreams, our hardships and struggles. We have always turned to them in times of joy and of trouble. Just saying the words of the Psalms has real merit, but is it enough? Do we relate personally and with a sense of wonder to the entreaties and emotions in the verses? Do they help us connect with G-d directly and profoundly? Psalms that Speak to You presents a new flowing translation of Tehillim, designed to help English speakers find themselves in the Psalms and say them with understanding and feeling. In a pioneering format, this new book combines the Hebrew text with a clear, unique and flowing English translation that incorporates traditional Jewish commentaries - including Rashi and Radak. Psalms that Speak to You has been heralded as ground-breaking by leading Rabbonim in the USA, UK and Israel. Exquisitely presented in 800 lightweight pages, it gives each of us the ideal words to respond to what happens in our lives. Readers confirm that Psalms that Speak to You is adding a deeply moving dimension to their saying of Tehillim – perhaps for the first time. “The layout is an aesthetic treat, the choice and concise wording unmatched, the ease of use a true pleasure …. forever changing the way we recite our daily Tehillim.” Rabbi Eytan Feiner / New York “I am confident that it will become the standard translation of the English speaking world.” Dayan Isaac D Berger /England Psalms that Speak to You -The Ultimate Gift

Psalms That Speak to You

SKU: 7258
  • Psalms That Speak to You

    A Clear and Meaningful Translation for Our Generation

    By: Yitzchok Leib Bell

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    Dimensions    6 x 8.5
    ISBN    978-1928822-91-2
    Author    Yitzchok Leib Bell
    Publisher    Distributed by Feldheim
    Number of pages    800
    Item #    7258
    Binding type    Hard Cover
    Weight    2.037000 lbs.

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