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This Slipcased Gift Set includes the complete Seder Zeraim in 4 volumes.

The Schottenstein Edition Talmud created a revolution in Gemara study. Now, the breakthrough format is available for the Mishnah as well.

Ideal for:

  • Mishnah learning for yahrzeits and sheloshim
  • Students or parents helping their children with homework
  • Beginners new to Mishnah study
  • Anyone looking to review basic Mishnah

The Schottenstein Edition of the Mishnah Elucidated features:

  • Full vowelized Hebrew text of the Mishnah, and full text of "the Rav's" (Rabbeinu Ovadiah of Bertinoro) classic Mishnah commentary.
  • Phrase-by-phrase translation and elucidation, following the Schottenstein Edition Talmud format, based on the interpretation of Rabbeinu Ovadiah of Bertinoro, adds words and phrases to make the Mishnah text read smoothly and clearly.
  • Notes to clarify and explain the Mishnah further by drawing on the Gemara or other classic Mishnah commentaries.
  • General introductions to each masechta discuss many important concepts.
  • Many detailed diagrams and illustrations.

Schottenstein Edition of the Mishnah Elucidated - Seder Zeraim 4 Volume Set

$111.99 Regular Price
$98.55Sale Price
  • Schottenstein Edition of the Mishnah Elucidated - Seder Zeraim 4 Volume Set (Full Size Set)

    Catalog # MERS

    ISBN-10 : 1422619532

    ISBN # : 9781422619537

    Format : Slipcased Set

    Dimensions : 6 x 9 inches

    Weight: 7.35 LBS

    Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

    Release Date : 11/17/2017

    Size : Full Size
    Color: Blue
    Language: Hebrew/English

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