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This masterpiece fills a great need for our generation--a generation characterized by a thirst for the eternal values of Judaism. Now, the English-speaking reader can enjoy a clearly written and easy to read summary of Jewish law, based on the Mishnah Berurah. Among the many topics included in this work are: Tzitzis, the daily routine, prayer, tefillin, blessings, the Sabbath, festivals and special days, the dietary laws, and mourning. Shaarei Halachah has been hailed as the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch for our time!

Shaarei Halachah

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  • Shaarei Halachah
    Dimensions    6 7/8" x 9 5/8"
    ISBN    1-58330-434-7
    Author    Rabbi Zeev Greenwald
    Publisher    Feldheim Publishers
    Number of pages    425
    Item #    2862
    Binding type    Hard Cover
    Weight    2.156000 lbs.

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