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While many books and articles exist on the topic of tefillah and the halachos surrounding it, generally little attention is given to the subject of the shul itself, the setting where so much of our davening takes place.

As the House of Hashem and - in galus, with the absence of the Beis Hamikdas - the place where the Shechinah is found, the shul is the holiest of all settings, and thus it is incumbent upon us to treat it with the dignity and respect it commands. This includes being aware of and keeping the numerous halachos that pertain to a shul.

Who may eat in shul? May one kiss a child there? Does the women's section have kedushah? May membership meetings take place in a shul? Is it permissible to greet one's friend while in shul? Speech and conversation; do their halachos apply after davening is over?

Shuls in Halachah is a unique contribution to the world of English halachah books. In this first-ever, comprehensive English sefer on the topic, Rabbi Ephraim Eliezer Padawer, author of the 5-volume Piskei Hilchos Shabbos and Yom Tov, explores and explains the many halachos pertaining to kedushas beis haknesses. Based on the Shulchan Aruch and contemporary poskim, this authoritative and fully annotated book covers virtually every imaginable question that can arise in a shul setting. Written in a clear, concise, and user-friendly format, with the addition of nearly 50 FAQs, the entire book has been collectively reviewed by several veteran rabbanim.

*Perfect for both the layman and the talmid chacham (as well as the rav); men and women

*Includes a comprehensive, alphabetical index for easy reference, as well as a daily learning calendar

By Rabbi Ephraim Eliezer Padawer

Shuls in Halachah

SKU: LA376
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  • Author: Rabbi Ephraim Eliezer Padawer
    Dimensions: 6" X 9"
    Format: Hardcover
    ISBN: 979-8-88673-092-0
    Length: 456
    Media: Book
    Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications
    Release Date: September 2023

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