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Super Agent Gizmo #5

Gizmo and Morty team up against an all-new sinister enemy bent on stealing Gizmo’s most prized possession. Can Gizmo, with the help of Zeidy, uncover and stop the General’s evil plan?

Will the Super-Agent team discover the whereabouts of Professor Egghead and Admiral Jones and why they’ve been spirited away?

And most importantly, will Gizmo jump into Torah-true Emunah and realize that we don’t rely on kings, politicians, everyday people or even a robot dog, but only on Hashem?

Put on your armor.

Super Agent Gizmo #5

SKU: 8358
  • Super Agent Gizmo #5

    Operation Blaze Away

    By: A. Dweck
    Dimensions    9X12
    ISBN    9781680259100
    Author    A. Dweck
    Illustrator    Studio Segalovitz
    Publisher    Distribtued by Feldheim
    Number of pages    76
    Item #    8358
    Binding type    Hard Cover
    Weight    1.480000 lbs.

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