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Talmud in Babylon without a clear language - great

The Illustrated Gemara - Babylonian Talmud with boldness and grandeur 'clear language' includes a wonderful commentary that is integrated into the words of the Gemara, page of commentary against page of Gemara, where the language of the Gemara is combined with a clear and fresh commentary, and is interpreted in clear and pleasant language, briefly and succinctly, when most pages only have a single page of commentary. At the end of the Gemara, a section 'Eyoni HaPasht' is printed which contains pertinent comments on essential topics and difficulties that arise for the learner during the study and explanations are given in short and clear language. And in addition to each treatise, an introduction was prepared that provides an important background for the learner.

The series contains 28 volumes, and appears in large format and pearl format.

Talmud Bavli Safa Berura - Full Size

  • Talmud Bavli Safa Berura - Full Size




    12 inches



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