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Tana Debi Eliyahu explained

The holy book Tana Debi Eliyahu has been reprinted in letters that illuminate the eyes, edited and revised. with an introduction. Integrated annotation: an annotation equal to every soul, compiled from all the commentators, plus an introduction and background for each new topic. Sources and scores: the sources of the integrated commentary. Additional methods and flavors and resolution of difficulties. The midrash tradition: shows places for the first and last Sages. Formula changes: different versions from Venice manuscripts, manuscripts and the words of the commentators. Precious pearls: a comprehensive collection of pearls of need and Hasidism, thought and morality, compiled from the well of the ancients and the last, to stimulate the heart of the learner, to take the morals of the intellect A wise man heard and Joseph learned.

Tanna Devei Eliyahu Hamevuar

  • Tanna Devei Eliyahu Hamevuar




    10 inches





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