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Tannaim Series: Rabbi Akiva, part 2

This exciting visual journey transports you to the time of the Second Bais HaMikdash to tell the amazing story of Rabbi Akiva: from humble beginnings, his rise to greatness, his triumphs, travails, and teachings – in two volumes that will inform and inspire you through the life of one of our greatest teachers.


The words of Chazal fill the Talmud, Midrash, and other sefarim with fascinating stories of our Tannaim.


Rabbi Meir Lamberski has collected these stories into engaging comics in order to give children a deeper and more complete understanding of their lives.


Fully sourced, The Tannaim Series is a perfect way to learn from and appreciate these giants of the Mishnah.

Tannaim Series: Rabbi Akiva, part 2

SKU: 8485
  • Tannaim Series: Rabbi Akiva, part 2

    The story of his life adapted for comics, with sources from Chazal

    By: Meir Lamberski

    More Information
    Dimensions    6X9
    ISBN    9781680255898
    Author    Meir Lamberski
    Illustrator    Racheli David
    Publisher    Feldheim Publishers
    Number of pages    72
    Item #    8485
    Binding type    Hard Cover
    Weight    0.694000 lbs

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