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The39 Melochos set is a thorough and comprehensive guide to the 39 Melachos of Shabbos.

All-encompassing and easy-to-use, it explores every aspect of the 39 categories of labor forbidden on Shabbos, with practical applications for each. With hundreds of illustrations, a comprehensive index, and over 10,000 Hebrew notes, this monumental work belongs in every Jewish home.

  • In this new edition,hundreds of pages worth of new material containing many new, current shabbos shailos, in English, with accompanying halachic explanations, in the Hebrew section, have been added.     
  • Index was expanded to include all the new shaalos.  
  • This new edition is more user-friendly than the previous one - particularly by putting in page numbers by most cross references, as opposed to only chapter and paragraph information.
  •  New diagrams/pictures were added.

The 39 Melochos / 4 Volume Set English - NEW REVISED EDITION

SKU: 896477
$160.00 Regular Price
$128.00Sale Price
  • The 39 Melochos / 4 Volume Set English - NEW REVISED EDITION

    ל"ט מלאכות אנגלית ד"כ

    Item # 896477
    Author: Rabbi Dovid Ribiat

    Publisher: Misrad Hasefer

    Format: Hardcover

    Language: Hebrew / English

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