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The Family Midrash Says Daniel

The book's first part relates the spellbinding experiences and trials of Daniel and his three friends at the royal courts of Babylonia and Persia.  Challenged again and again to prove their loyalty to Hashem and his torah, their courageous response inspires us for all generations.

The book's second part portrays Daniel's visions.  They include a graphic description of the "four beasts" that would dominate the jewish nation and a panoramic prewiew of the Jewish people's destiny until the time of the revival of the dead.  Daniel's spectacular prophecies reinforce basic concepts of our faith.

The Family Midrash Says Daniel

SKU: 407252
  • The Family Midrash Says Daniel
    Item # 407252
    Author: Rabbi Moshe Weissman
    Publisher: Bnay Yaakov
    Format: Hardcover
    Length: 512 pages
    Language: English

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