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The Family Midrash Says Melachim / Kings Volume 1

The Family Midrash Says is a synthesis between the Little Midrash Says and The Midrash Says, created in response to readers' requests for an adult interpretation of the Early Prophets.

It retains the large type, the readability and the illustrations typical of the Little Midrash Says, while the text has been expanded to challenge the adult reader as well.

The Family Midrash Says Book of Melachim 1 depicts King Shlomo's reign, which culminated in the building of the Bais Hamikdash. We gain insight into the reasons motivating this G-d fearing king and wisest of human beings to marry a large number of foreign women.

The story continues with the tragic split of Eretz Yisrael into two kingdoms. The establishment of images under Yeravam's rule led to idol worship and eventually to the Ba'al Cult in Achav's time. To counteract it, the miracle worker and prophet Eliyahu was sent to that kindgom.

Teachings and parables drawn from our Sages are woven into the text, aiding us in incorporating their lessons into our daily lives.

Recommended from age 10 and up

The Family Midrash Says Melachim / Kings Volume 1

SKU: 403025
  • The Family Midrash Says Melachim / Kings Volume 1
    Item # 403025
    Author: Rabbi Moshe Weissman
    Publisher: Bnay Yaakov
    Format: Hardcover
    Length: 295 pages
    Language: English

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