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This Little Midrash Says The Book of the Shoftim / Judges depicts the period of the judges who led the people after Yehoshua's death.

Readers will meet outstanding judges, such as Asniel the Torah scholar and warrior, Devora the woman judge and prophetess, and the famous judge Shimshon whose life is misinterpreted by authors not drawing on authentic torah sources.

As the interesting narrative of The Book of Shoftim unfolds itself, the readers will gain rich stores of knowledge, and simultaneously fear of heaven and a deeper appreciation of the Torah way of living.

The Little Midrash Says Shoftim / Judges

SKU: 403063
  • The Little Midrash Says Shoftim / Judges
    Item # 403063
    Author: Rabbi Moshe Weissman
    Publisher: Bnay Yaakov
    Format: Hardcover
    Length: 200 pages
    Language: English

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