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Responsible parents are constantly challenged to mentor their children along their individualized paths toward peace. In a society that can easily overwhelm the mentor, the community has become increasingly aware of the need for a sensible guiding voice that can both validate the challenges we face and offer sound Torah-principled direction for the parenting process.


Dr. Pelcovitz is Director of Psychology at North Shore University Hospital - NYU School of Medicine. He is also Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine and he has published and lectured extensively on a myriad of child related issues. Dr. Pelcovitz has led a number of national projects and is a widely consulted expert on best practices in parenting.

The Parenting Path

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  • The Parenting Path

    By Dr. David Pelcovitz (Author)

    Catalog # PARPP

    ISBN-10 : 1578195365

    ISBN # : 9781578195367

    Format : Paperback

    Pages : 95

    Dimensions : 5.5 x 6.5 inches

    Weight: 0.25 LBS

    Published By : Ventures Press

    Release Date : 12/07/2001

    Size : Standard
    Language: English

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