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As Rosh Yeshiva of YDE, Head Rabbi of Brooklyn's large and thriving Congregation Shaare Zion, and a world-renowned speaker, Rabbi Meyer Yedid has assisted, educated, guided, and inspired thousands of people of all ages. In The Power of Tranquility, he shows us how to achieve the greatest blessing of all - shalom, peace of mind and spirit.

Rabbi Yedid possesses a deep love of people and keen understanding of human nature. Even more important: The Rabbi has a profound knowledge of Torah and an extraordinary talent for taking Torah insights and applying them to our everyday lives and challenges.

In The Power of Tranquility we will discover:

  • How to be at peace with others and, even more importantly, with ourselves
  • How to discover our true values, and not just reflect others’ expectations
  • How to tap into the only antidote to anxiety
  • How to become a "mevakesh emunah" the highest form of faith in Hashem
  • How to recognize anger for what it really is, and what techniques we can use to control it

The journey to finding tranquility in our lives, while not simple, can be, well, tranquil - if we have a wise and caring companion to guide, advise and help us on the way. The Power of Tranquility can be that wise friend.

The Power of Tranquility - Spanish Edition

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