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The Rebbe's Pharmacy On the Parashah


In today’s generation, many of us are yearning for the light of the tzaddikim that can save us from the brokenness of the modern world. We’re searching in their sefarim for a deeper connection to Hashem. We’re longing for the cure that can revive our souls. In the teachings of Rebbe Nachman we can find that cure! Rebbe Nachman has the sweet medicine that can heal us of all our illnesses. He knows exactly how to soothe our pain and inspire us to serve Hashem. Even when we’re feeling very weak and we’re lost in despair. He can give us our chizuk that renews our hope and brings us completely back to life. Welcome to The Rebbe’s Pharmacy!

The Rebbe's Pharmacy On the Parashah

SKU: 8306
  • The Rebbe's Pharmacy On the Parashah

    Chizuk and inspiration for today's generation on the parashah

    By: Rabbi Lev Moshe Leventer

    Dimensions    6X9
    ISBN    9781680259360
    Author    Rabbi Lev Moshe Leventer
    Publisher    Dsitributed by Feldheim
    Number of pages    393
    Item #    8306
    Binding type    Hard Cover
    Weight    1.380000 lbs.

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