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This definitive account of Rebbe Nachmans life traces his career in rich detail, day by day and year by year. Features an extensive historical overview, detailed maps, and full appendices listing significant towns and cities, biographical data, and anecdotes about Rebbe Nachmans family, followers and other contemporary figures, with full source references throughout. An essential reference work for every student of Breslov. Now in paperback!

Until the Mashiach

SKU: 6998
  • Until the Mashiach

    The Life of Rabbi Nachman

    By: Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

    Dimensions    6"X9"
    ISBN    978-1-928822-70-7
    Author    Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
    Publisher    Breslov Research Institute
    Translator    Kaplan, Aryeh
    Number of pages    379
    Item #    6998
    Binding type    Paperback
    Weight    1.310000 lbs.

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