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Relevant halachos arranged according to the month of the year.

May an ebay seller set his auction to conclude on Shabbos? May one rent advertising space on his website to others for an entire week, including Shabbos?

Should a person worry about ayin hara? What are the most effective defenses against ayin hara?

May one who will be on an airplane for an entire night of Chanukah use a flashlight for ner Chanukah?

If it is difficult for someone to make it to shul, may he hear krias haTorah or Megillas Esther read over the telephone?
Rav Zev Smith is a popular maggid shiur and much sought-after speaker on halachic issues who has thousands of recorded shiurim in circulation on a wide range of interesting and relevant, day-to-day topics.

His unique blend of halachah and hashkafah, and his knack for explaining difficult concepts in a down-to-earth, practical way, draw both scholars and laymen who seek a thorough grasp of halachah topics. In this fascinating book, he and Rabbi Dovid Kaiser, a previously published author of Torah works as well as a maggid shiur in halachah, have adapted some of the best of Rav Smith's halachah shiurim into written form.

Arranged according to the months of the year, What's the Halachah? follows a specific, reader-friendly format. Each chapter begins with a set of intriguing questions on a topic in halachah, which is followed by a broad discussion of the halachic issues the topic involves. The chapter concludes with an application of the information discussed to the initial queries.

What's the Halachah? is a book that will do more than just teach you halachah; it will open before you the vastness and the beauty of the world of halachah.

By Rav Zev Smith and Rabbi Dovid Kaiser

What's the Halachah?

SKU: L874
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  • Author: Rav Zev Smith and Rabbid Dovid Kaiser
    Dimensions: 6"x9.25"
    Format: Hardcover
    ISBN: 978-1-60091-483-6
    Length: 428
    Media: Book

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