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Wine, Whisky, and Halachah

HaRav Shraga Kallus has gained renown as an authority in Halacha from the thousands of Shiurim he has delivered. His Shiurim cover all areas of Halacha, in which the most complicated of topics are made clear, with instant application to everyday life. This book is based on the Shiurim given in the "Second Seder Kollel", and now they take on the form of a written work, by his close talmid, Rabbi Avi Slansky.

In this work, the extensive and at times complicated laws of Yayin Nesech, wine affected by a non-Jew, are explained; from the original sources, to the practical rulings in real-life cases. Wine is integral to many functions of Jewish life, and inevitable results in a myriad of questions.

  • After the waiter poured me a cup of wine, I realized the bottle I ordered was non mevushal.
  • The 'cleaning help' moved the wine, now what?
  • I'm hosting a Kiruv event, what if a participant pours himself a glass of wine?
  • What is the story with Scotch in Sherry Casks?!

These are just some of the issues addressed, in regard to a topic that both its stringencies and its leniencies are widely unknown. This book is reminiscent of the Shiurim themselves, enjoyable to 'listen to' and relevant to daily life. Its ease of use, with original sources quoted, and most importantly in utmost clarity, brings refreshing understanding to even difficult concepts. This combination makes this work accessible to the layman, as well as a decisive work for the accomplished scholar.

The book includes an innovative separate section detailing the potential issues of Scotch Whisky matured in Sherry Casks. It features alphabetical listing of over two hundred and fifty Scotch Whiskies and their Halachic rulings, with color pictures for easy reference - a first of its kind!

Wine, Whisky, and Halachah

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  • Wine, Whisky, and Halachah

    A Halachic Overview to the Laws of Wine and Whisky, including scotch whisky matured in Sherry casks
    ISBN    9781680251791
    Author    HaRav Shraga Kallus
    Publisher    Distributed By Feldheim
    Number of pages    172
    Item #    7586
    Binding type    Hard Cover
    Weight    1.100000 lbs.

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