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With Cords of Love

Reaching the Struggling Teen Based on the Teachings & Guidance of Harav Mattisyahu Salomon shlit"a

  • The Torah approach to dealing with the struggling teen
  • A must-read for parents, educators, mentors, professionals and rabbanim
  • Includes section on the Tomer Devorah and The 13 Attributes of Mercy
  • Invaluable aid to all parents wishing to keep their children "on the derech"

The issues and questions that arise in the wake of a child straying from the Torah path are as innumerable as they are excruciatingly painful. Nowhere do we see the importance of being properly guided by da'as Torah as in this difficult scenario. Readers will find these pages filled with valuable tools and skills to aid their chinuch efforts in our tumultuous times, so that we can, with Hashem's help, raise every Jewish child to enthusiastically embrace a life of Torah and mitzvos.

By: Rabbi Ezriel Tauber

With Cords of Love

SKU: L822
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  • SKU: L822

    Author: Ezriel Tauber

    Dimensions: 6" X 9"

    Format: Hardcover

    ISBN: 978-1-60091-482-9

    Length: 280

    Media: Book

    Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications

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